-Residential, Commercial, or Automotive; A.A.I. Locksmith has got you covered. We offer a variety of locksmith services from key replacement and vehicle unlocking, to residential home rekeying and lock repair.

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​-Servicing Ontario and the surrounding area

-Servicing Jurupa Valley and the surrounding area

-Servicing Corona and the surrounding area

-Servicing Moreno Valley and the surrounding area

-Servicing Rialto and the surrounding area

-Servicing Loma Linda and the surrounding area

-Servicing Colton and the surrounding area

-Servicing Redlands and the surrounding area

-Servicing Perris and the surrounding area

-Servicing Murrieta and the surrounding area

-Servicing Riverside and the surrounding area

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-Honda Lockout Emergency
Honda Lost Car Keys
Honda Ignition Lock Repair
Honda Car Door Opening
Honda Transponder Keys
Honda Broken Key Removal
Honda Lock Repair
Honda Remote fob Keys


Mazda Lockout Emergency
Mazda Lost Car Keys
Mazda Ignition Lock Repair
Mazda Car Door Opening
Mazda Transponder Keys
Mazda Broken Key Removal
Mazda Lock Repair
Mazda Remote fob Keys


-BMW Lockout Emergency
BMW Lost Car Keys
BMW Ignition Lock Repair
BMW Car Door Opening
BMW Transponder Keys
BMW Broken Key Removal
BMW Lock Repair
BMW Remote fob Keys


-Chevy Lockout Emergency
Chevy Lost Car Keys
Chevy Ignition Lock Repair
Chevy Car Door Opening
Chevy Transponder Keys
Chevy Broken Key Removal
Chevy Lock Repair
Chevy Remote fob Keys


-Chevrolet Lockout Emergency
Chevrolet Lost Car Keys
Chevrolet Ignition Lock Repair
Chevrolet Car Door Opening
Chevrolet Transponder Keys
Chevrolet Broken Key Removal
Chevrolet Lock Repair
Chevrolet Remote fob Keys




-Dodge Lockout Emergency
Dodge Lost Car Keys
Dodge Ignition Lock Repair
Dodge Car Door Opening
Dodge Transponder Keys
Dodge Broken Key Removal
Dodge Lock Repair
Dodge Remote fob Keys


-Ford Lockout Emergency
Ford Lost Car Keys
Ford Ignition Lock Repair
Ford Car Door Opening
Ford Transponder Keys
Ford Broken Key Removal
Ford Lock Repair
Ford Remote fob Keys

GM Lockout Emergency
GM  Lost Car Keys
GM  Ignition Lock Repair
GM  Car Door Opening
GM  Transponder Keys
GM  Broken Key Removal
GM  Lock Repair
GM Remote fob Keys



-GMC Lockout Emergency
GMC Lost Car Keys
GMC Ignition Lock Repair
GMC Car Door Opening
GMC Transponder Keys
GMC Broken Key Removal
GMC Lock Repair
GMC Remote fob Keys


-Hyundai Lockout Emergency
Hyundai Lost Car Keys
Hyundai Ignition Lock Repair
Hyundai Car Door Opening
Hyundai Transponder Keys
Hyundai Broken Key Removal
Hyundai Lock Repair
Hyundai Remote fob Keys


-Infiniti Lockout Emergency
Infiniti Lost Car Keys
Infiniti Ignition Lock Repair
Infiniti Car Door Opening
Infiniti Transponder Keys
Infiniti Broken Key Removal
Infiniti Lock Repair
Infiniti Remote fob Keys


-Jaguar Lockout Emergency
Jaguar Lost Car Keys
Jaguar Ignition Lock Repair
Jaguar Car Door Opening
Jaguar Transponder Keys
Jaguar Broken Key Removal
Jaguar Lock Repair
JaguarRemote fob Keys

-Tibbe keys


-Jeep Lockout Emergency
Jeep Lost Car Keys
Jeep Ignition Lock Repair
Jeep Car Door Opening
Jeep Transponder Keys
Jeep Broken Key Removal
Jeep Lock Repair
Jeep Remote fob Keys


-Kia Lockout Emergency
Kia Lost Car Keys
Kia Ignition Lock Repair
Kia Car Door Opening
Kia Transponder Keys
Kia Broken Key Removal
Kia Lock Repair
Kia Remote fob Keys


-Lexus Lockout Emergency
Lexus Lost Car Keys
Lexus Ignition Lock Repair
Lexus Car Door Opening
Lexus Transponder Keys
Lexus Broken Key Removal
Lexus Lock Repair
LexusRemote fob Keys


-Lincoln  Lockout Emergency
Lincoln  Lost Car Keys
Lincoln  Ignition Lock Repair
Lincoln  Car Door Opening
Lincoln  Transponder Keys
Lincoln  Broken Key Removal
Lincoln  Lock Repair
Lincoln  Remote fob Keys


-Mercury  Lockout Emergency
Mercury  Lost Car Keys
Mercury  Ignition Lock Repair
Mercury  Car Door Opening
Mercury  Transponder Keys
Mercury  Broken Key Removal
Mercury  Lock Repair
Mercury  Remote fob Keys


-Mitsubishi Lockout Emergency
Mitsubishi Lost Car Keys
Mitsubishi Ignition Lock Repair
Mitsubishi Car Door Opening
Mitsubishi Transponder Keys
Mitsubishi Broken Key Removal
Mitsubishi Lock Repair
Mitsubishi Remote fob Keys


-Oldsmobile  Lockout Emergency
Oldsmobile  Lost Car Keys
Oldsmobile  Ignition Lock Repair
Oldsmobile  Car Door Opening
Oldsmobile  Transponder Keys
Oldsmobile  Broken Key Removal
Oldsmobile Lock Repair
Oldsmobile Remote fob Keys


-Saab Lockout Emergency
Saab Lost Car Keys
Saab Ignition Lock Repair
Saab Car Door Opening
Saab Transponder Keys
Saab Broken Key Removal
Saab Lock Repair
Saab Remote fob Keys


-Saturn Lockout Emergency
Saturn Lost Car Keys
Saturn Ignition Lock Repair
Saturn Car Door Opening
Saturn Transponder Keys
Saturn Broken Key Removal
Saturn Lock Repair
Saturn Remote fob Keys


-Scion Lockout Emergency
Scion Lost Car Keys
Scion Ignition Lock Repair
Scion Car Door Opening
Scion Transponder Keys
Scion Broken Key Removal
Scion Lock Repair
Scion Remote fob Keys


-Subaru Lockout Emergency
Subaru Lost Car Keys
Subaru Ignition Lock Repair
Subaru Car Door Opening
Subaru Transponder Keys
Subaru Broken Key Removal
Subaru Lock Repair
Subaru Remote fob Keys


-Suzuki Lockout Emergency
Suzuki Lost Car Keys
Suzuki Ignition Lock Repair
Suzuki Car Door Opening
Suzuki Transponder Keys
Suzuki Broken Key Removal
Suzuki Lock Repair
Suzuki Remote fob Keys


-Toyota Lockout Emergency
Toyota Lost Car Keys
Toyota Ignition Lock Repair
Toyota Car Door Opening
Toyota Transponder Keys
Toyota Broken Key Removal
Toyota Lock Repair
Toyota Remote fob Keys


-Volvo Lockout Emergency
Volvo Lost Car Keys
Volvo Ignition Lock Repair
Volvo Car Door Opening
Volvo Transponder Keys
Volvo Broken Key Removal
Volvo Lock Repair
Volvo Remote fob Keys


-Volkswagen Lockout Emergency
Volkswagen Lost Car Keys
Volkswagen Ignition Lock Repair
Volkswagen Car Door Opening
Volkswagen Transponder Keys
Volkswagen Broken Key Removal
Volkswagen Lock Repair
Volkswagen Remote fob Keys


-VW Lockout Emergency
VW Lost Car Keys
VW Ignition Lock Repair
VW Car Door Opening
VW Transponder Keys
VW Broken Key Removal
VW Lock Repair
VW Remote fob Keys


- Audi Lockout Emergency
Audi Lost Car Keys
Audi Ignition Lock Repair
Audi Car Door Opening
Audi Transponder Keys
Audi Broken Key Removal
Audi Lock Repair
Audi Remote fob Keys



- Nissan Lockout Emergency
Nissan Lost Car Keys
Nissan Ignition Lock Repair
Nissan Car Door Opening
Nissan Transponder Keys
Nissan Broken Key Removal
Nissan Lock Repair
Nissan Remote fob Keys


-Acura Lockout Emergency
Acura Lost Car Keys
Acura Ignition Lock Repair
Acura Car Door Opening
Acura Transponder Keys
Acura Broken Key Removal
Acura Lock Repair
Acura Remote fob Keys

-General motors

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